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Hat class in France!

My hat in progress

I attended a class at Lucy Till Hats atelier in Saint-Quentin La Poterie in the south of France in the beginning of October. It was a fantastic experience working closely with the instructor and Lucy in a new technique. This is one of my hats in the drying stage pinned on the block.

Drying over the heater on the block

(The strange device to the left is an old hat stretcher.)

I was in Lucy’s tiny space for 3 days. We stayed in the nearby town of Uzes for a week and it’s a place I will go back to. I loved it. The hat took some time as the free-hand blocking technique is new to me but I think it came out ok.

Me in the brown hat

Now it isn’t quite finished yet but I think it was a success!

The back of the hat

I can’t wait to make these hats in my studio!



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