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“Pardon My Swagger”

I know it’s been a while since either of us have posted or had a good rant, but to be honest, we’ve just been too busy. Between juggling custom orders, new leather messenger bags, fall and winter production at the shop and a seemingly endless costuming contract for the Simcoe County Museum as well as the infamous Art Ce Soir organization we’ve hardly had a moment to stop and think.

Still before the summer ends and Meaghan and I take a much needed vacation, I thought I’d tell you how I feel about plain old dingy tank tops, wife beaters/racer backs in general and the aforementioned clothing garments on men. I suppose I could sum it all up with one word, ick, but where is the fun in that?

I understand that plain old tank tops have a use and I have nothing against their being worn for work, exercise, as an undergarment or layer. But when it comes to being worn as your “going out” shirt or every day casual wear, just don’t. Now I don’t mean all tank tops when it comes to the wardrobes of women, go for something a little more and a tank top can be a dressed up thing. Mind you adjustable spaghetti straps and a shelf bra do not constitute more. Also if you find yourself over the age 25 and/or a C cup or greater do yourself a favour and put a bra on, you’ll thank you when your fourty-five because that shelf bra isn’t going to cut it. Ever.

Now as for men, wife beaters have their use. Work, exercise, layering or as an undergarment are all acceptable things. When it comes to any other tank top and for any other use, no. There is nothing that turns me off more than on a hot day when an arm is draped around my shoulders and the unlucky one of the two ends up in the sweaty armpit hair of said arm. Those boxy things that look like t-shirts with out sleeves are just as bad. And come on now guys, if your tank top or any shirt for that matter says “pardon my swagger” you haven’t got any, I promise. No one is fooled by your “cheeky” shirt. If you’re convinced otherwise, I challenge you to show me a mens fashion magazine where one is being sold as a good option.

Remember, just because we live in a society without major social classes does not mean we have to be classless society. Your armpits, along with your dingy undies, ass cracks, ass cheeks and vaginas are not fashion statements.



Surprise! Hat Blocks!

Hat blocksA very nice couple came into my studio this week with a box of hat blocks that belonged to her mother. She told me her mother was a very enthusiastic hobby milliner and that she wanted the blocks to go to a good home. Now I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen since I started my studio about 13 years ago. I bought everything she had for a fair price including 7 hoods for making winter hats. The blocks are all balsa wood and need a good sanding. 2 of them I’m going to re-cut to look less 1960″s and something more modern. Sara and I are excited about using them in the near future.

On another note……

I started making a line of men’s caps in the studio. I carry a lovely line of classic men’s hats from Scala Classico and Woolrich but I noticed that the men who visited the studio were looking for hats made there. After some research I decided to draft up some classic shapes in classic suiting wools.

S in a hat

Men's Newsboy on our reluctant model

We convinced out friend S to model them for us to show you that they look good on your average sweater wearing guy.

Then we put him in his kilt and gave him an axe so he felt more manly. He’s wearing our Telegraph Hat which was inspired but the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

TheseĀ  and a few other styles not shown hats are in the shop right now in several different fabrics. They are sized and I have made small ones to an XL size and I can make them bigger for you guys with gi-normous noggins.

I am well into summer production and we have changed the shop around a little. Come and visit.



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