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Spring Is Coming, Have You Got Your Hat?

Meaghan has redesigned everything for Spring/Summer this year. Au revoir Garden Party and Masher Hat, bonjour Riviera and Picnic Hat. We are in the process of sewing them up right now and there are only the two of us doing it. So expect to see them on the floor and ready for you to take home in April.


“Fascinator” Hat Class

After years of being asked about classes, we are finally doing one! I’m working on class #2 right now (no, that’s not a ‘hashtag’ it’s the number symbol)

Hat Class Poster

Hat Class Poster

What you may or may not be able to read beside the dates and times for the class is that there is no lunch provided. It will be plenty of fun though, and I’m sure if you’re hungry the lovely ladies at English & Miller will sell you something tasty.


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