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More Fur!

I decided to cut out more faux fur. This time I’ve decided hats. I know, weird to make hats. They are much like a classic Russian fur hat and as of today I have pink bunny and black/brown rabbit. More to come and they are super warm.

Cheers Meaghan

New Display

Here is the promised photo of the finished display all settled in to it’s new home. I know it may not excite you, but I am pretty jazzed about our new display table/shelf. Finally an open and successful space to display faux fur, vintage finds and gift boxes.


For those who know Meaghan, there was no wire used in the making of this display, and it’s level.



Faux Fur for Fall and Winter

With the approaching winter cold, Meaghan has been busy making all kinds of lovely faux fur accessories. It has been a little while since we’re had any new faux fur, but it has also been a little while since there has been any good faux fur for sale. We will always, always wait for the good stuff, and then buy as much as our budget will allow.

During the cutting out process the shop floor looked a bit like a small dog and a bunny exploded on a daily basis. As always, the end product is worth the days of floating fluff in your nose, coffee, water and lunch.

“Raccoon Collar”

“Silver Fox Collar”

“Seal Scarf”

“Arctic Fox Muff”

We have hats, collars, scarves, stoles and muffs in a variety of fur types and colours. From imitated seal, to raccoon, to white and pink bunny, yes pink bunny and that isn’t everything. So why not come and try on part of our cozy collection and just maybe treat yourself to something. If you’re not close enough to come in, have a look on our etsy page, we have the “silver fox” available right now and we’ll be listing the rest of them soon.


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