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Meet Beefcake.

Back in December Meaghan and her boyfriend agreed to dog sit one of Chris’s co-worker’s dogs while his co-workers went to the Dominican Republic to get hitched. During the work days, Beefy (full name Beefcake, aka Ginger Beef, aka Beef Balls, aka Gateau Beouf, aka Beef.) came to the shop. What Chris’s co-workers failed to mention is that no one else would dog sit this dog, he was apparently impossible.


Beefy in “doggy jail”

Beefy is a sweet boy with all bark and no bite, but it is still a startlingly loud bark. We appreciated our customers understanding that Beefy was learning how to be around people, and gave him pets for being a good dog, and cookies. How it worked at the shop is that Beefy could roam the shop as he would, but the moment he started barking he was banished to “doggy jail”. In three days I broke Beefy and he understood that I was “the boss”.
After Beefy had gone back home, his parents called Chris and asked what we had done to the dog. He is now so well trained that if he barks, he drops his tail between his legs, hangs his head and walks himself to his blanket to lay down. We have yet to understand how Beefcake was impossible.


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