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I Heart Hats Sale Summer Edition

i heart hats summer

The Summer Sale is in 2 WEEKS!  Yep 2 weeks. Yikes!

We hope to see you there!

Directions and other information can be found at




Men, we have the hat and tie for you.

Men's Vintgae ties

A stash of awesome vintage ties

We have been expanding our man corner with a new stash of vintage ties, suspenders and the new shipment of men’s hats!

We have new fedoras, top hats and bowlers or derby hats.

Hat wall

Men's mannikin

A shot from the fall of the men’s display

This is a sample of what it was like in the fall and as always we are making changes in our little shop with port as a fuel to these undertakings.

Vintage bar glasses

Mint vintage bar glasses set of six, $24

We have also collected a fantastic group of mint condition full set vintage bar glasses. We have these above and a few other different sets. There are vintage printed shot glasses, a vintage chrome cocktail pitcher and a heavy cut glass ice bucket. These all make perfect gifts or a man who’s looking for that classy vintage bar feel in his man cave.
Or you could buy them for yourself and have a retro Christmas party!

Either way come on down and have some fun.



Something We Ador

We have carried Ador Jewellery at our shop for two years now. Locally hand crafted by the lovely DoriAnne Ross. She makes everything from one of a kind necklaces, bracelets and rings to hair combs, key chains, tie tacks and cufflinks. When she isn’t lost wax casting, she’s hand cutting intricate designs out of sheets of silver. Her newest surprise for us was the arrival of cufflinks and matching tie tacks in the early december of 2011. Finally something from Ador for the boys.

For the Boys

For more info about Ador Jewellery check out


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