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The Endless Quest for Shop Display.

In our little studio/store Meaghan and I are always looking for a better way to display our wonderful wares. After too long spent struggling with stacked hat boxes and the little crescents of space they provided, we decided it was time for something bigger and better, regardless of how charming those stacked boxes looked. Out came the paper and pencils, the measuring tape and calculator. Once we had the design and measurements we were off to the building supply store. Several large pieces of wood and half an hour spent waiting for and at the cut shop later, we had everything we needed. Then we set to work in the back of the shop, which is incidentally also the basement for the building we are located in.

Sara multitasking.

Half way there.

We had every intention of taking a photograph of the finished and painted display, but at the same time that Meaghan opened the paint I opened the port and we frankly forgot to. I will post a picture of the finished display ‘in situ’ soon.


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