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“You’re wearing that? Outside where people can see you?”

Yesterday Sara and I were vendors at a high-end bridal show. It was a great success and we met lots of new and potential clients for the studio. We don’t just make bridal but it was fun to take just that work to the show. I took a few photos before everyone who was waiting to get in got in. By the way, it was at Liberty North here in Barrie, Canada. You can get more information about them at

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What really got under my skin was the clothing that the guests a.k.a brides and friends had chosen to leave the house in. When did being slovenly become acceptable? Oversize track pants and sweater Uggs are not acceptable. I feel like I’m the only one left who thinks that what you wear is a reflection on yourself, your parents and your family. It’s also a reflection on how you feel about the people you are spending your time with. Not to mention the strangers who are subjected to your sloppy and downright nasty choices. I’m not in the mood to be conciliatory and say that everyone has a choice to wear what they want, blah blah blah.

I am  tired of hearing the comment of “I’m comfortable” or “I don’t care what people think of me or “”they will think I’m comfortable.” You aren’t comfortable because you have covered your body parts that you don’t like with layers of cheap jersey so no one sees it. You have only brought attention to your tummy, or butt or whatever.You do care what people think of you because you have chosen to wear your overpriced name brand sweats so “people will think you’re cool” I just think you are an idiot for giving a multimillion dollar company free advertising and I know that you over-payed to look like a boring sheep. I don’t think you are comfortable, I think you look like a slob. I don’t want you to think I’m going to pussy-foot around this. I am comfortable in my properly fitted clothes. We live in a time of stretch everything so my wool pencil skirt, fitted sweater and belt is so comfortable I can take my shoes off at lunch and do a little yoga.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have the money” I am a milliner, I don’t exactly have  drawers of cash either. I spend almost all of it on my studio anyway. I believe in second-hand shopping. I use lower end companies such as Joe Fresh for socks, P.J’s T-shirts and tights. I have $20 shoes and I have $465 boots. I believe in spending  money on a better quality item when I can afford to and I don’t like shopping. I also am going to guess you are thinking, “I’m not skinny enough for good clothes.” Bull. I know that plus size clothes are more. I was a plus size and still considered one. I am a size 12 ish. I can’t waltz into a store and buy a damn thing most of the time. I can’t even get undies that fit right. Buy less. You don’t need a massive wardrobe. You need well-fitting, flattering clothes that will stand the test of time, that fit your budget and reflect you.

The bottom line is please, please stop wearing this sloppy, ill-fitting mess. Men too. It makes me nuts. They say the clothes make the man and there is some truth to that. If I look like I am a milliner then people are more inclined to want to be in my studio and purchase something I made.  You are lying to yourself of you think we live in a society that works otherwise. It doesn’t take more money or more time just the desire to require more of yourself. Save the sweats for sweating and the P.J bottoms for bed.


A Bridal Affair

Meaghan and I are going to be taking part in Liberty North’s first wedding show. Incidentally, it is also going to be our first wedding show.

We will have all of our bridal cocktail, fascinators and hair combs with us at Liberty North. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good show and bring us lots of new business to keep us on our toes.


Queen’s Plate Horse Race

For three years I have been setting up my hats at the Queen’s Plate Horse Race in Toronto Ontario. This is one of the races of the triple crown in Canada. It is at Woodbine Race track and it is always a great day. Over 10,000 people attend this race and 2 summers ago Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attended. Somewhere I have a photo of the top of her hat.

I am the only milliner to attend this race and it is with the kindness of the staff who let me. I have been on a morning television programme, Canada a.m. here on the CTV network the first year and Breakfast Television the second year which is on the City TV network.

We have also travelled this past summer to Edmonton Alberta to the Canadian Derby Race at Northlands Race Track and had a big adventure out west.

All this horse race fun leads us to create our versions of the race hat the Ascot in the U.K. has made famous. Who knows, maybe I’ll be making the hat the wins the Ladies Day prize across the pond. In the meantime, our race day hats can be viewed at our website or in the studio.

We have enormous fun making these one of a kind hats. We can make one on custom out of anything really but usually we use a toyo straw or a sinamay straw. We will be making these again this year starting very soon as spring and race season comes up quickly.

This coming summer will hopefully see us again near the valet parking entrance at Woodbine Race Track with our hats spilling off the shelves waiting for the race fans. As for Edmonton, I’m not sure my old car can take another trip.

Photo-shoot with ACF Magazine

Last week, Meaghan and I drove down to a location in Toronto for a photo-shoot with the Amazing Canadian Fashion Magazine. The photo-shoot was fantastic and from what we saw of the pictures taken, our four page spread in the spring issue of ACF will indeed be amazing.

I took a quick photo with my phone while we were there, with permission of course, to document the shoot for the blog.


Yes, it is vague, but I wouldn’t want to give anything away.

I think the Spring issue of ACF comes out nation wide sometime in January. It is available for purchase at any Chapters/Indigo Store nation wide, Whole foods, Great Canadian News and The Drake Hotel for $6.99. Try not to dawdle as this magazine sells out fast.

Dear World

We aren’t quite here yet but we will be, just you wait.

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