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5 things we can learn from our grandparents

5 things we can learn from our grandparents


1. Be romantic

Love letters, late night walks, even holding hands; the past is full of small ways to ignite magic into a relationship. I’m a bit of an old soul and I desperately tire of this non-exclusivity attitude of today. I was once told there is a different between ‘seeing somebody’ and ‘dating’ them, well I don’t believe there is, or at least there shouldn’t be. If you both like each other then a relationship should be entered with the intention that it is going somewhere.

Relationships should be meaningful as well as passionate; And even though they don’t always have a happy ending they will have had value.

This mixture of ardour and chivalry is what the best love stories are made from. Let’s be honest, who didn’t feel some sort of romantic liberation when Sybil ran away to marry Tom?


2. Have a healthy work ethic

Nothing in this life is truly free, it would be nice if…

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