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She’s Not My Mother. Seriously.

I cannot count the number of times Meaghan and I have been asked if we are mother and daughter. Still every time we are asked I have to bite back the desire to utter some sort of inappropriate response like call her a whore. I’ve been wondering if I should start carrying a photograph of my legitimate mother, I actually look very much like her.
Still people insist that we must be related some how seeing as we are both; Celtic, white, wear glasses (which happen to be rectangular frames for us both)and have curly hair (her’s is red. Mine has only recently turned a different red and I’m not sure how or why).
If we aren’t related then why do we spend so much time together? I happen to be her apprentice and her assistant therefore I do most errands with her. That and I rent her basement apartment. We also happen to be very good friends.
But seriously, she isn’t old enough to be my mother and if she was she would have been one loose teenager. Please stop making my boss feel old, it’s not good for her. At lease aim for older sister or cousin.



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