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Tricorn, the other affair.

Brown velvet tricorn

Brown velvet tricorn

I imagine you might be realizing that a baseball cap just isn’t my thing by now. I love the way a tricorn looks.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a tricorn is it’s a round crown hat with its brim folded up on three sides to make a triangle shape when looking at it from the plan view. Tri-corn, three horns. get it?

Green silk

Green silk

Tiny wool tricorn

Tiny wool tricorn.

I have made several cocktail tricorns. These are fun and look great when one point sits jauntily over one eye.

It has to have a skull.

It has to have a skull.

I’m not sure a hat like this could have been made without at least one with a skull.

A little more french.

A little more french.

I decided to go for a more traditional french look with this and the next one.

minitricornerblackredI love the way these look and when I have a bit of time to play I will definitely make a few more. I think I’ll make one in embroidered silk next time.






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