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I grew up with a “Santa from Santa Fe”

I love a strange Christmas song. Not a heavy metal version of something or that Beastie Boys thing, I mean something from the swing era. I grew up with a Santa Fe Santa. I accidentally sent it off to the charity shop with a bunch of other cassette tapes I no longer wanted and now I think that song is lost forever. I have heard it outside of growing up only once while listening to a jazz Christmas station. It isn’t the only weird little song I like but when I hear it I always smile. The words are as follows:

Santa from Santa Fe
Swingin’ his merry way
Singin’ on Christmas day
jingle li jingle li jingle lingle lay

Got a peppermint pony
and a bundle of toys
with his chocolate pup
he’s roundin’ up
all the good little girls and boys.

There are other verses but that all I can think of. I’ve tried searching this but am having no luck. It’s three women that sing it but it’s not anyone I recognize. If anyone out there has heard this song, can lead me to it or knows where to look I’d love to know. It really isn’t Christmas until I hear it.

(I suppose I can make Sara crazy by singing the only verse I remember until she begs me to stop.) As an aside, I’m Canadian and I’ve never been to Santa Fe so although for all you southern states folks it doesn’t seem weird you’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a bit strange here.

Here’s hoping for a Santa Fe Christmas to start the season!



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