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I got a call from a gentleman who wanted a reproduction 1520 German military hat. No Problem I said. I should do research before I say yes.

I made this lovely fully reproduction wool felt hat from a photograph of the back of a sculpture. The hat in the photo was leather which behaves very differently so I knew I would have to use all my skills for this one.  I did succeed as you can see from the final black hat but the journey was arduous. I know I can make any hat given enough time and money and applying all my skills. I am very good at my job. I have a habit of saying yes when my instinct is telling me to.  It all was going well in the beginning and then I stopped listening to my instinct and used a fabric to make the final work that wasn’t the right one and I knew it when I bought it. Always, always, always listen to your instinct.

(The yellow fabric is a fleece I used to test my pattern theory. It doesn’t behave the same but it let me get the idea.)

In the end it turned out great. Lots of failure on the way and a lesson to me to listen to my instinct. To not doubt my knowledge. My apprentice was my great support in this and I thank her.

I think I will try another, one day.


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