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Seriously, pull up your pants.


Is it too much to ask for “men” to pull up their pants and try a little harder? For the amount of “grown men” I see on a regular I see walking around with the waist of their pants anywhere from under their ass to just above their knees with over sized shirts to not quite go the distance, I think it might just be. Frankly I am just plain tired of seeing dingy underwear on boys prancing around like baboons thinking they look good. Your puff of undies and your non-existent ass does not elicit feelings of arousal. Quite the opposite the feelings I get are more along the lines of extreme repulsion. I am not alone in this.


Are any of you aware of what you look like from behind?


Or what exactly you look like at all?

Why is it so difficult to pull your pants on all the way? Are your belts just not cutting it, because we have some fantastic vintage suspenders at the shop I would be more than happy to sell you.


I mean really, what is so hard about this?

Pull your pants up.


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  1. Recently, I saw a guy, totally hipster, wearing skinny jeans but his butt hanging out. How does that even work!?! It looked very strange.


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