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It’s been a year of changes in the studio. I hired my apprentice, took my very first millinery class and closed the shop in Toronto. This has meant changes in my pocketbook too. As always it is very quiet in the studio right now and I start chewing my lower lip in worry about bills and buying feathers etc… It’s like this every year but I suppose with the changes I’m chewing a little harder. Don’t get me wrong, the studio is doing fine it’s just I’m a worrier and I like the energy of customers coming in. It does leave me space and time to develop new designs and get a head start on summer though. I suppose it is just contributing to the winter blahs that I always succumb to. I inevitably buy new shoes and new lipstick about now. I also want to buy new supplies to play with. I just shouldn’t. I have a stockpile of wonderful millinery supplies that I hardly get to touch come the warm weather while I madly make custom wedding pieces and Race Day hats.
I suppose I will just brew a new pot of espresso and make. It is, after all the only thing that make things right in the world for me. It clears my head and sorts out my worries and my big questions. I usually make some pretty nifty things while I do this too. I guess what I’m rambling about is to come for a visit. Not a long one, I have hats to make.


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